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  • The Wicker Man

    The Wicker Man


    🌺Murder and May-hem: Daily Horror Hunt #23 – May 2020💀
    4. Let's have a 70s Dinner Party with a 70s horror, the 70sier the better! If you want to eat something encased in jello while you watch, I won't judge.

    Omygarsh the May Morrison Sweets shop is the best thing I've seen in aaaages. This film screams 70s, like a Donovan song gone really really wrong.
    This is the quintessential film for May, 1st! 🥀 If you have it on…

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  • Under the Shadow

    Under the Shadow


    Horror Hunt #26 (August 2020)- PLAY ALONG!
    8]Under represented in horror: Watch a movie from the Middle East or Africa

    Fabulously creepy.
    Terrorizing anxiety and tension.
    Fully effective combination of war time setting with the supernatural.
    Strong performances and excellent character building. Loved this.

  • Life of Brian

    Life of Brian


    Scavenger Hunt 65 | August 2020
    8)Watch a film based on a TV show or a film that was turned into a TV show.

    Totally forgot about the aliens.
    Absolutely fucking brilliant.

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  • Troll



    Horror Hunt #26 (August 2020)- PLAY ALONG!

    5] Watch a movie released the year you graduated from high school. (If you haven't graduated
    yet, this one's a free space!)

    OMG, this was AWESOME.
    Sonny Bono in a wife beater! Priceless.
    Hahahaha! Julia Louis Dreyfus! The characters in this are like cartoons. Flamboyant, over the top exaggerations of people (and the transformations?) Hilarious.
    Atreyu's (Noah Hathaway)
    name is Harry Potter, Jr. ?? I'm on the floor.
    Shelly Hack was always my…

  • Willow Creek

    Willow Creek


    My friends found footage and Bobcat Goldthwait.
    The scene in the tent was tense, excellent and right up my alley. And the ending makes you think.
    But seriously, anyone who hikes blindly into the wilderness?
    If you like found footage films (like me) and you're curious to see what Bobcat Goldthwait's got up his director's sleeve (like I was), it's a fun little film.
    I stole this off someone else's Horror Hunt #26 (August 2020) list after reading their review and a little about it--thank you!
    7]Watch something based on real-world folklore or legend