King Kong

King Kong ★★★★½

💗Daily Horror Hunt #32 (February 2021)💗
25] The 30's were a revolutionary time for on-screen terror. Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff - absolute legends. But instead of watching them strut their stuff for the thousandth time, let's check out something from the decade to NOT feature either star.

My first Kong was the 1976 version with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges and I'm hesitant to rewatch it because that one had an impact on me. My sympathy for the big lusty ape carries over to this day.
I never knew that the original was so damn brutal! After I got over the initial giggling at his appearance, I reveled in the stop-motion effects. Kong's battles with every type of prehistoric creature and his brilliantly savage treatment of any human (except of course the golden woman), easily establishes him as--even by today's standards--a monster icon.

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