Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

"People believe, and nowadays they’ll believe anything"

Trickery as a central theme of Spider-Man: Far From Home works intrinsically on several layers. From the most obvious, the deceptions its characters do (even after the actual movie ends). To the movie itself fooling audiences into believing that it is a modern masterpiece, concealing its predictable, formulaic, and dull narrative using its relevancies to "post-truth" era we're living now, its "brilliant set up" from previous MCU movies and convenient plot twist, its trope subversion from Spiderman's previous depictions, and its rare yet breathtaking illusion sequences. And to the most sickening, the use of false marketing to cover up its irrelevancy and milk us even further (supposedly Far From Home is a pivotal bridge to a whole new phase of MCU, it is not). Marvel just proved that it is at least as adept as Mysterio himself in illusion.

Still, a better movie than most of Spiderman's big-screen adaptations though (except for Spiderman 2 and Spider-Verse) as it successfully emits the lighthearted Spiderman aura just like how it is in other media (comic-book, tv shows, or games) by keeping the conflict on a smaller, more personal scale despite the larger setting, and injecting the web crawler's famous line without having to actually put it into words, "with great power, comes great responsibility".

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