californian russian studies grad student. eisenstein stan. opera bitch. horror bro. psychonaut.

Favorite films

  • Ivan the Terrible, Part II: The Boyars' Plot
  • Wings of a Serf
  • Inferno
  • Mister Designer

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  • Assignment Terror

  • Murder by Music

  • The City of the Dead

  • Enter the Devil

Recent reviews

  • Assignment Terror

    Assignment Terror

    i fucking love a movie with a plot and writing comparable to a fucking jimmy neutron halloween special, but with sex and gore and late 60s aesthetics. flawless formula. so proud to be 1/4 spanish.

    those aliens really had a sick plan for taking over the earth (create a brainwashed bimbo army and also make all the monsters from "the monster mash" real). the fatal flaw was that of course the bimbos are gonna want to fuck the monsters and…

  • Murder by Music

    Murder by Music

    god bless the internet and specifically rarelust dot com for pointing me towards this obscure spanish-italian giallo built on one of my all-time favorite horror conceits: demonic sheet music.

    you never know what you're in for with lesser-known giallos and this one was the kind of absolute delight that will keep me digging through the basements of the internet...just a joy to watch. in with all the kooky culture clash and b-movie goofiness, there are moments that feel like real…

Popular reviews

  • The City of the Dead

    The City of the Dead

    you simply cannot let undergrads go off on unsupervised research trips without doing thorough preliminary research at home first!!!

    anyway, does professor driscoll need a t.a.? hahahaha jk jk i could not possibly compromise my morals like that (i'm talking about the immorality of fucking your professor here, not the devil worship, just to be clear)

  • The Cell

    The Cell

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    problematic, but when it's time for my mentally ill ass to shuffle off this mortal coil, i would also like to do so in the hallucinogenic arms of circa-2000 j-lo done up as a syncretic queen of heaven who lovingly reverse-baptizes me into a watery grave