Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

Okay well I’m glad I’ve finally ticked this one off, I just wish I knew how to feel after it’s finished. On one hand the technical standouts of this film truly do just that, stand out. It’s a weird little film with a lot of weird dialogue running throughout which, despite how it may seem actually is not an insult. This is my first experience with Vincent Gallo as an actor or as a director and I believe that his talent behind the camera outweighs his camera in front of it. However that’s not to say his strange, shuffling, idiosyncratic performance isn’t fantastic because I *think* it is. I just believe behind the camera he’s able to truly express his vision which, obviously only he can. I’m trying to find any words that can describe how I feel about this film but I can’t. I think I love it but I also think I never want to see it again? I don’t really know. I’m sorry if you’ve read this far I’m extremely tired and this is just a shit stream of consciousness at this point. I hope I can find the words when I wake up, but I doubt it.

Oh and one last thing, Christina Ricci in this is as close to a perfect woman as there will ever be

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