Dunkirk ★★★★★

Where's the bloody airforce? 

Christoper Nolan is a genius, I've never really enjoyed war films because they often just beat around the point or add pointless filler in to push the runtime up, previously the only two films that broke this mould for me were Robert Zemeckis' "Forrest Gump" & Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" well, Dunkirk broke the mould and took everything I dislike about typical war films and rectified them all, a straight story beautifully directed with charmismatic characters and a brilliant score. 

Side note on Harry Styles, for his first film Styles nailed it, a natural, gritty and charismatic performance that held my attention every time he was on the screen, also, this year belongs to Barry Keoghan, his vulnerable, incredibly real and innocent performance here coupled with his soon to be brilliant role in Yorgos Lanthimos' "The Killing Of A Sacred Deer" makes Keoghan my pick for breakout star of the year.

And the oscar goes to... Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk.

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