Lou (rhymes with wow!)

Lou (rhymes with wow!)


Mostly interested in T.R.A.S.H. and sleaze™
Lover of all that is weird and unusual
I don't watch a lot of contemporary stuff

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  • Transgression



    A shy dude shoots some questionable substances into his veins and becomes a full-blown psychopath. He meets a bored young woman who likes to walk around naked in front of strangers and who has absolutely no qualms about killing someone with a pool cue. Together they get into all kinds of mischief..

    you know, your standard love story!

  • Tarkan and the Blood of the Vikings

    Tarkan and the Blood of the Vikings


    This gains a whole extra star for the giant rubber octopus attacks (and scoring one of those attacks with stolen music from 2001: A Space Odyssey.)

    It's a fun sword and sandal type movie that while still being cheap, actually has better production value than most other Turkish B-movies.

    Seher Siniz is a Turkish Edwige Fenech look-alike, who like the real Fenech, doesn't mind showing some (side-) boob. Come to think of it.. there is actually much more T&A in…

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  • Sex and Zen

    Sex and Zen


    Sex and Zen contains some of the most silly and over-the-top depictions of sex ever put on film, and I admire the filmmaker’s audacity for committing to it all. It may be ludicrous, but it's also absolutely wonderful. I have seen plenty of CAT III movies before, but none have been anything quite like this.

    Question: Does anyone have an idea where I should log Radley Metzger’s The Image? What movie should I use as a placeholder?

  • Behind Convent Walls

    Behind Convent Walls


    From the man that brought us that dirty horse movie, comes this amusing look into the lives of some very horny Italian nuns. Borowczyk may be considered a pornographer by many, but I consider him a mighty fine satirist. I can imagine this causing quite an uproar in Catholic circles (back in the day), but as many know, it doesn't take much to shock sexually repressed people. It's just a very entertaining movie (and also a pretty sexy one, with some explicit, unsimulated action).

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  • Equinox



    William Friedkin, Guillermo del Toro, Agnès Varda and Wim Wenders, all did one of those Criterion closet showcase videos at one point in time, where they highlighted certain movies in the Criterion catalogue. None of them ever picked up Equinox and talked about how much they loved it, or how it influenced their own work. That seems to me like an egregious omission on their part, quite frankly..

    ..at least Bill Hader talked about the best date movie ever made..

  • Rage to Kill

    Rage to Kill


    Rage to Kill seems to come from the same metaphysical place as something like Malibu Express; an adolescent boy’s fantasy. I knew this movie was special when after the opening scene, in which the bad guys massacre an entire luxury resort, our hero is introduced by winning a jet dragster race. The guy is just that awesome! And ofcourse he eventually gets the hottest babe in the movie. Duh!!

    Unadulterated action/ dumb fun!