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  • The Gold of Love

    The Gold of Love


    Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, your heart beating fast, saying to yourself out loud: "Thank God, it was just a bad dream?"

    I had been meaning to search out Eckhart Schmidts other movies after seeing der Fan (Trance) a couple of years ago and loving it. It's just that his movies are so damn hard to find.

    Both der Fan and das Gold der Liebe are about teenage obsession. Where Simone just wanted…

  • Conquest



    My 18th Fulci movie!

    I am not the biggest fan of the sword and sorcery subgenre of fantasy. I am however a big fan of Fulci (I wouldn't have watched 18 movies of his otherwise.) In fact he's my favourite of all the Italian genre directors. There's always something to like even in his lesser movies.

    I feel this is more a collection of scenes showcasing Fulci's style and strengths than an actual movie. The story is a flimsy one…

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  • Peacock King

    Peacock King


    Well that was a certainly wild ride! There are many things to love here; the practical fx are insane, the backstory is really intriguing and the relationship between the three main characters is a lot of fun.

    It is to bad then that this movie, in typical Hong Kong fashion, has such an incoherent narrative. I really think it's a shame because Peacock King has the potential to be a true classic more than any other Hong Kong movie.

    A fun, if ultimately flawed, fantasy spectacle.

  • Killer Crocodile

    Killer Crocodile


    I thought the measure of being a tough manly man® was not crying while you get your flu shot*, but apparently it is surfing a 25 ft. crocodile while also impaling it with a spear..

    I still have some way to go apparently :(

    *I'm still crying on the inside!

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  • Mutilations



    If your idea of perfection in a movie is a scene where a claymation cow is turned inside out, while some drunk hobo recorded the noises for it, with a group of college students making disgusted faces superimposed on the frame, then yeah, this is your movie!

    Best enjoyed with a group of friends and some alcohol.

  • The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

    The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue


    The first half of Manchester Morgue was really top notch; the setup with Edna, George and Katie, the cozy English countryside vibes, and the sprinkles of weird logic, all had me ready to go! But after the first couple of living dead sightings, this just turns into your standard run-for-your-life zombie movie. Too bad!

    Unsurprisingly, Christina Galbó was as amazing as always, she practically carries the whole movie!