Legally Blonde ★★★★

Fun fact: Legally Blonde was the first PG-13 movie I saw after turning thirteen. Another fun fact: I still adore this movie. From bend-and-snap to the way to slap someone and help them simultaneously, this 2001 comedy, which premiered shortly before 9/11, ended an era and began another. One of the best anti-romantic comedies, period; it solidifies the girl-power sensibilities of the nineties, reclaiming the color pink (only for Paris Hilton to taint again), and bunking stereotypes without too many damning moments to take you out of the universality of this movie. What is it with well-off white ladies--Emma to Elle--that sticks their funny bone directly into my memory?

Favorite moments:
"What? Like it's hard?" about getting into Harvard
That entire video essay
Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge) doing anything, usually breaking noses or just moving her lips
THE BEND AND SNAP (works every tiiiiime)
The Perm Moment
Every moment of Ali Larter and Reese Witherspoon together. They just get each other.
The hot tub moment