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  • The Big Swallow

    The Big Swallow


    Would have been 100% better without the third shot that completely negates the bit. As it is who cares

  • Moses and Aaron

    Moses and Aaron


    Schoenberg bangs in the whip there’s no way this could possibly fail.
    Idea x Image = ???

    This contains some of the most bonkers formalism I've seen in anything.

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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    An experimental masterwork about dissolving into the void of late capitalism, starring city lights, storm clouds and the ocean. Also there are human beings in it.

    I can't claim this with authority, but it's possibly the greatest film of the 21st century.

  • Mandy



    That was pretty unpleasant and dull, which is especially shocking when it's clear how exciting the aesthetic is on paper. It's just no fun at all, and doing nothing especially interesting in the actual content: revenge plots tend to already disinterest me, and this is as basic as the revenge story gets, dressed up in neon fantasy. Quite enjoyed the peacefulness of the very beginning and the very end, but otherwise this was a total slog. 2.5/5 might honestly be too good for it.