Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★★

First of all, the script as a whole is very very well done. I don't think I've been this frustrated in a while. Mia Farrow, my god, she is a piece of paper in the wind. She is constantly manipulated, taken advantage of and seen as a body rather than a person. Also, her husband is an absolute scumbag. Like what an absolute douche.

I really liked how Roman Polanski tells the audience what is happening without telling Rosemary. How we learn about the wrongdoings of the neighbors and their friends an hour (in movie time) before Rosemary. This of course led me to scream and shout at my TV as if Rosemary could hear me. I was basically pulling my hair out until she got a grasp of what was going on. I would say it is more of a thriller than a horror movie because you know what is happening but you are on the edge of your seat anticipating it.

Lastly, I am advocate for saying less in an ending. I'd rather have to think about what happens and prefer leaving the ending open. So many times the whole movie is ruined because of a rushed ending. Typically, rushed endings don't fit the tone of the movie and seem unrealistic extracting the viewer from the movie. This did that concept so well I actually almost broke something. Rosemary doesn't stab one person!!!??? She actually goes and looks at the child??! AND THEN SHE TILTS HER HEAD AS IF SHE'S GOING TO JOIN THIS SADISTIC CULT??!?!?! *deep breathe* Just really frustrating, the whole thing, but damn is this realistic to the 60s.

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