Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

Bold and darkly funny, JOJO RABBIT repudiates and makes fun of racism in broad strokes while celebrating hope and humanity in smaller ones - and it features an “imaginary friend” Hitler!  I’m surprised it hasn’t been getting as much love as we all expected when it was first announced. 

Maybe it’s just that it’s hard to fully get behind a movie that gives you a couple of somewhat sympathetic nazis? Or maybe we have trouble reconciling the horrors of Nazi Germany during WW2 with a silly sort of fairy tale about a lonely misguided kid. I was in from the very beginning and laughed a lot, but in the back of my head kept thinking the same gags would probably make a fair number of people cringe uncomfortably, especially as the story goes on to even darker territory. I felt like it almost lost its way as it turned a critical corner into the third act, but it managed to steady itself and stick the landing. It was the relief of seeing a beautiful house of cards not topple over when the last card is placed. 

The balls on Taika Waititi. I love him. If he can afford to do this kind of stuff because he’s getting big MCU paychecks, I think we are all winners.

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