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  • Shopworn



    Zazu Pitts occasionally catches your eye but otherwise Stanwyck seems to be in a different focus, a different volume, an altogether different business than everyone else here.

    She is unbelievably captivating. When she’s not there the movie isn’t but thankfully that rarely happens

  • He Was Her Man

    He Was Her Man


    Cagney is a double crossing rat trying to leave the country. Blondel a quietly sad working girl looking to get out by marrying a kind Portuguese fisherman.

    Their old lives and selves pull at them and it’s always a case of just how hurt by it all they will be.

    It’s a fairly standard melodrama most of the way but Cagney’s intro and his scenes with blondel are excellent. She does her top drawer thing, been hurt. Defensive about being…

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  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    I guess I'm just going to watch this every few years for the rest of my life and keep finding different things to enjoy in it. This time it was finding Leiutenant Doyle more hilarious than usual and admiring everything Kelly brought to it.

    Oh and the construction, the way the events in the other apartments are used to divert Stewart (and of course us) at key moments or to have him on the phone about lonelyhearts so he can talk straight to the police, a perfectly plotted movie.

    But everything else was great too, is there a film Thelma Ritter doesn't elevate?

  • The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

    The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp


    My opportunities for watching films are often quite limited, and often coincide with looking after my daughter and I have hundreds of films here to watch. So I tend to go for fairly short films and fit a few into my film watching days. Which means films like this, which I was always sure I would love, tend to sit unwatched for years at a time.

    Which is a shame, as the long run time that makes me opt to…