King Kong

King Kong ★★★★½

It's a hard one to rank, I really enjoyed it, not purely on a historical level but as an adventure film packed full of iconic moments and with a pitch perfect handling of the genre content.

I'm making a real effort to tick off a few real landmarks of film that I've shamefully never properly seen before. It can be hard to separate out the fact you've seen most of the film on clip shows and documentaries and seen the ideas remade and parodied so often.

As much as I enjoyed it and greatly appreciated James Whale's work; a recent viewing of Frankenstein felt a bit compromised by history but King Kong wasn't. It was still a brilliant watch that grabbed my wife's attention when she came into the room.

The sets and model work are still special, the dinosaurs are great, Skull Island drips with menace (racist stereotype menace but still very well constructed) and Kong himself keeps your sympathy and awe throughout. The weird little things he does to the head of the dead T-Rex, his scenes with Wray. It's held up very very well and becomes a lot more than a film history lesson.