Lifeboat ★★★★

Tense, at times genuinely disturbing movie that packs in a lot more issues than you might expect and at least tries to tackle quite a few of them in some depth.

I guess that might be down to Steinbeck who disowned the project because it sugar coated his original script, however it doesn't come across as all that sugar coated and manages to work in some real desperation and brutality along the way.

Bankhead is, after a slightly rocky start, as charismatic as hell, in fact the movie as a whole, particularly the script, seems to really get into gear in the final third. The rest of the cast, also impress particularly Slezak as the german prisoner whose motives and treatment give the movie it's weight.

It's not a fun watch, it is at times both desolate and brutal, Bankhead is funny at times but otherwise there is little of Hitchcocks usual humour and I'm not sure I'll return to it but it's an excellent film.

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