Rue de l'Estrapade

Rue de l'Estrapade ★★★★½

Watching this had me half wondering just how much of it's impact was just down to Anne Vernon delivering one of those perfect enchanting performances that male fans of classic cinema are so weak for. Irene Dunne in the Awful Truth, Danielle Darrieux or Jean arthur in anything they ever did. Every little movement feels totally natural while being cinematic gold.

And she is that good, but Becker enables and supports and has (the perfectly excellent) Louis Jourdan and Daniel Gelin orbiting around her and making her seem even more desirable and funnier and puts the whole film at her feet.

As for plot, it's French people being French. Gorgeous French people being every English speaker's idea of French. There's a misunderstanding about mistresses, a falling out, a bohemian suitor and a cultured lecher. You've read the story, it didn't matter.

The final reunion is somehow one of the most joyful, sexy things captured on film.

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