Vox Lux ★★★½

vox lux appeared as a sort of organized chaos to me. its on the brink of being a pretentious, obnoxious disaster of a film, redeeming itself only in the second act with natalie portman's stunning performance. it is far from the masterpiece that some may claim it to be, but also not a horrible mess as perceived by others. i struggle to think of how i can possibly rate this. it opens powerfully, followed by a disappointingly dull, dragging first act. the editing, willem dafoe's narration, and the lack of natalie portman frustrated me. it felt all over the place and like there was no point to.. any of it. maybe there was a point, but it didn't make me care enough to understand it. once natalie finally entered the plot, she was amazing, and i realized it wasn't too late for this movie. she delivered a performance so raw, so powerful, giving meaning to the confusion of this film. i loved, and hated so much about vox lux. i came into it with an open mind, and came out feeling confused and somewhat inspired. maybe i love this film. i dont know.

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