Captain Marvel ★★★★½

After yesterday I simply had to watch a Marvel Studios film.

I can’t explain to you how perfect Brie is for this role. I’ve been catching up on the Captain Marvel comics, reading my way through to the current run and she just captures the complete spirit of this character. The humor, the sense of duty, the drive, the confidence of self... All of it.

The way dude bros choose to overlook the lesbian subtext tickles me. Captain Marvel 2 should explore Carol and Monica’s dynamic more and the hurt Monica felt after Carol left Maria and her behind on Earth while she went to fight a war. Plus, the jealousy she must feel as Carol mentors Ms. Marvel, her new idol and “replacement”. And slowly Monica comes into her own as a fully fledged hero, Spectrum with Carol’s guidance and support.

Ugh, Spectrum, Ms. Marvel and Carol Danvers in a movie together?! The excellence!!!

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