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    Finally a good computer movie. This is what computer movies should be, they should have people who know how computers work, have a good and not dumb story, and good twists. My expectations were subverted many times in this movie, but I didn’t mind it because it was supposed to happen in the story. The acting from some people are great and some are not that good. In total this is a good computer movie that I can recommend to most people.

  • Lights Out

    Lights Out


    This was not bad it’s just okay. David F. Sandberg always has an interesting story on how he directs big movies now. He started by making movies on YouTube and then he got enough attention to start directing movies for Hollywood. Okay now about the movie, for a first movie it’s not that bad it can be good sometimes. For what it was trying to do it does it very well for what it is. The problems I have are…

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  • Being John Malkovich

    Being John Malkovich


    This was really good I’m really starting to like Charlie Kaufman and respect him on how his writing is so realistic. It’s a good character study on how someone will do anything to make him/herself famous and to be respected by many people. The writing is really good and the main story is silly, but it works and goes deeper than you think. The performances are also great from John Cusack and you guessed it John Malkovich. In total this is a movie that I can recommend to everyone and I can see myself watching again.

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    This review will be a little shorter than usual because I’ve seen this before, but this was way better than I remember and probably has the best performances and screenplay of 2019. In total this is a great movie that I could recommend to everyone.