The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

Wow what a disappointment like I was really looking forward this movie. It’s a movie with Tom Holland, but he doesn’t come into the movie until 40 minutes in and Robert Pattinson doesn’t come in until almost a hour into the movie WHAT! Also Robert Pattinson is in this movie for less than 50 minutes in this 2 hour and 18 minute movie. This movie is also really really boring like they could’ve cut 40 to 35 minutes and the film would be better and would be less of a pain to get through. Why was there a narrator take him out of the story and nothing would have changed. This film also felt like a book I know that this movie is also based off of a book, but it’s too much like a book like the ending was literally something that was out of the book like seriously did the writers just copied and pasted the book and just used that to make the film. Some of the characters are pretty flat like Jason Clarke’s and Sebastian Stan’s character their stories are boring and could’ve been 5 minute flashbacks, but it’s like Secret life of pets 2 these side stories that some how come together at the end. I think that some of the characters are good Rob Pattinson was pretty hot as always and had a weird southern accent, Tom Holland was also pretty good, and Bill Skarsgard was also good for what he was trying to go for he did what he could, but they basically carry the entire movie and almost everyone else is mediocre or bad. There were some good scenes, but it doesn’t past the boring and scenes that were wasting the runtime. In total this is a movie that I won’t be watching anytime soon.

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