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  • Lonely Are the Brave
  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Martin
  • Tommy

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  • The Unknown

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  • The Unknown

    The Unknown

    George Eastman restoration, MoMA 1/21/23. This is one of my favorites so I was going into this trying to clock what was new, as ten new minutes were uncovered to a movie I already considered perfect. Notably, a few scenes were longer and played more emotionally. The man of a thousand faces had a few more excellent mugs and painful frowns. While the Eastman restoration itself was so-so (in my personal opinion, they always make confusing decisions on what to…

  • Junior Bonner

    Junior Bonner


Popular reviews

  • King Frat

    King Frat


    Centers around a farting contest. Rewatch.

  • The Lost World

    The Lost World

    Skip the bad plot and get right to those Dinos.