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  • A Letter from Greenpoint

    A Letter from Greenpoint


    “We live in a society” - Jonas Mekas (with his mouth filled with hard-boiled egg)

  • This Side of Paradise

    This Side of Paradise


    There is something deeply affecting about seeing these people who's lives will never be normal attempting to get away from it all. Jackie wanted to expose her family to cinema and home videos as something to help mourn and Jonas made something profound yet simple to explore and depict this time in their lives. The fact that this was released as a film far after its recording separates this from being just a movie he went to their vacation home…

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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    If this movie ended with Captain America giving his gf a sports almanac and saying "if we do this carefully, we'll never have to work again", this would probably be a 4.5. Back to the Future references are already canon!

    Also, the lady beside me pulled out a foot long subway sandwich from her bag an hour into the movie, so much respect.

  • A Married Couple

    A Married Couple


    "The laws of society are not the problem in this marriage, the problem is you and me"

    Michael Cera said that this film is like a real life version of Bergman's Scenes From a Marriage, and I have to agree. Truly brilliant how Allan King made a 96 minute movie that shows a full picture of the real decline and struggle of this relationship.

    It's fascinating how the domestic drama works with King's cinéma vérité style. It doesn't seem like…