Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★½

Top 10 Reasons Why Spider-Man: Far from Home and Cars 2 are the Same Movie...
1. The mentor figure from the predecessor has died in between movies
2. Our heroes leave their usual home for a globe-trotting adventure that primarily takes place in Europe
3. Spies!
4. The comic relief character gets a love interest
5. The hero needs to disguise themselves with a new look because they are out of place in a foreign country
6. A betrayal from a new character that the heroes thought they could trust and ends up being the primary villain
7. There's a plane with lots of high tech gadgets to try on
8. A final battle in London where impressing the queen is a motivation of the villain
9. During the final battle, the hero has to protect his friends who are oblivious to the connection of all the crazy world-ending stuff they've been involved in over the course of the movie
10. Stylized end credits that show all the places we visited over the last 2 hours (and where I realized that this had to be my review)

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