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  • The Dirt

    The Dirt


    Overall, The Dirt feels fundamentally cheap not by design but by limitation. Some parts feel like a not-so-faithful parody of Spinal Tap, filmed on the budget of a VH1 documentary with scenes of overzealous drug use that're less visceral in a Trainspotting-kind of way and more like generic Unsolved Mysteries re-enactments. Others follow the half-assed biopic drama format, fueled by revisionist history and portrayals of women as simply tipped scales on the Madonna-whore complex. The constant narration and fourth-wall breaks…

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    "With its blend of Western existentialism, Eastern mysticism, and nods to postmodern thinkers (yes, that is a hollowed-out copy of Jean Baudrillard’s famous word-salad tome Simulacra and Simulation on Neo’s shelf; also the source of Morpheus’ “Desert of the Real” quote), The Matrix certainly threw enough philosophical darts at the board that at least one of them had to stick. Perhaps most curiously, several years after the film’s release, Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom published a paper in an issue of…

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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    An entertaining excuse to retcon the MCU grand narrative, involving plenty of hand-wavy exposition and some baffling story decisions that require furious Googling for timeline explanations. That said, Larson was clearly having a ball with it, Jackson's de-aging CGI was almost seamless and Goose was/is adorable. Also, Annette Bening dances to 'Come As You Are'.

  • Overlord



    Nazi zombie killing? Hell yes. Sign me the fuck up. A solid pulpy action film, backed up by some Bad Robot production game. Hits kind of like a slowburn Band of Brothers episode in the first half and then a hybrid Call Of Duty/Wolfenstein video-game cut scene in the back half. Definitely needs more Wyatt Russell though. Maybe even some more Nazi zombie killing.