Before Sunset ★★★★½

I’ve been in love with one person since I was 16. She never felt the same. It’s how life goes. At times it’s suffocating, I feel like I just can’t be a person at any level. Luckily those times are becoming fewer and further between, but goodness did this film just absolutely crush me and my heart. As I sat there listening to Celine break down in a car about her love life, everything felt all to real. Almost too hard to listen to. How can memories be so powerful that they seem to put a spell on you for the rest of your life? In the last 30 minutes of this film I related to Celine more than I’ve related to pretty much any character ever, a sharp turn from the relation I felt to Jesse in the first film.

And with that song... the tears started flowing. Each night and each memory rushed back. The happiest moments of my life, the most fulfilling, the ones I will always be chasing. From the first time we met to the time I said goodbye and the few days and nights afterwards. Every moment was perfect. 

“One single night with you, is worth a thousand with anybody”

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