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  • Blazing Saddles

    Blazing Saddles


    On an intellectual level, I do believe that Blazing Saddles does everything right. I take every bit of the stupidity and ridiculousness of the film as intentional - and often intelligent - satire.
    My problem with the film is somewhat aesthetical. I don't think that Blazing Saddles has got the good feeling that comes with the best satire. It somehow feels just as rusty as what it's trying to parody, and in the end, the film exhausts itself, repeating jokes…

  • Kick-Ass



    I can't believe how criminally I underrated Kick-Ass the first time I watched it despite having had enjoyed the fuck out of it even then. I guess I was just that hypocritical; I must have said to myself, "Well, it can't be that great if it's a superhero/comedy film about a guy in a rediculous green costume." Well, it can, and it is.
    Kick-Ass has an almost Tarantinoesque sense of satirical madness which, among other things, makes it one of the most unique and fun Superhero flicks ever to have been made.

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  • Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

    Voyage of Time: Life's Journey


    An existential poem, narrated while a series of unrelated pictures of nature, life and time unfold beneath it.
    Via the feature, director Terrence Malick tries to capture an image of the primitive entity; what he names the "mother". The result, while extremely personal and virtually incomprehensible, is a thought-provoking and enchanting cinematic journey.

  • Love



    The main difference between Gaspar Noe and most other arthouse filmmakers seems to be the fact that Noe wants to show everything; a desire which is usually associated with commercial cinema and films made for audiences who can't understand this everything themselves.
    Noe's somewhat childish obsession with making you understand what he's doing, from the stop watching warning in I Stand Alone to the Time Devours Everything resolution in Irreversible to the Murphy's Law explanation in this film, seems to…