Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.


EDIT: Why this movie chooses to spend half of it's time focusing on things other than Rey and Kylo Ren is beyond me. That's where all the emotional development is taking place. That's the story!

This is my third time trying to write something coherent and presentable, but I just can't do it. So, instead, the rest of this will just be a collection of thoughts that I couldn't figure out how to work into something readable. Enjoy!

-Literally the entire journey that Finn and Rose go on (which sucks (I didn't like it)) doesn't fucking matter. They accomplish nothing. They suck.

-Everything revolving around the conflict with the First Order would've gone smoother if Poe could just shut the fuck up. I understand we're watching him go through some kind of arc, but I'm supposed to like him. And now I don't.

-The Force Awakens ends on a somber tone. A father has been murdered by his son, a friend has been put in a coma, and nobody is happy. The Last Jedi opens right where it left off, but for some reason the movie gives us jokes and whimsy. Disconnect.

-Nothing happens. NOTHING HAPPENS. The ONLY development happens within the Rey and Kylo plot, which is treated as a subplot in this movie. It's the best stuff by far, and I like it more than most of the stuff in Force Awakens (which is a movie I absolutely love, if I haven't mentioned that yet) but it's the SUBPLOT. We move over to the main plot, and NOTHING HAPPENS.

-I don't like Finn, I don't like Rose, I don't like Poe, I don't like the deification of Leia, I suddenly like Snoke (I didn't like him in FA), I like Kylo, I like Hux half the time, I like Rey half the time, I like Luke half the time (he fishes at one point and it's fucking stupid), I don't like the island natives, I don't like the extreme oversaturation of Porgs, Chewie is used appropriately, C-3PO is used appropriately

-I want to emphasize how much I enjoyed most of the Rey/Kylo stuff. It's the soul of the movie and feels tossed to the sidelines to make room for more meaningless battles and worthless "adventures".


this movie is a frustrating experience

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