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  • WandaVision



    It felt campy at time but i love Vision's dialogue at the end. I personally think the show went downhill after episode 6 but at least this final episode is pretty interesting. A bit disappointed to overall show because I like the concept and storytelling on the first half of the show. It was refreshing and it's nothing Marvel ever did before but then it became same old Marvel

  • Tenet



    Here's my thought on Tenet after saw it for the third time :

    Tenet's definitely not Christopher Nolan's best project but it's still fun to watch. This is Nolan went "full Nolan". His most complex project yet. Despite the complex concept,the plot is pretty simple. It's not a character-driven movie like Interstellar & Inception,the characters are written pretty weak especially the main villain. The film is more focused on the plot than characters development. It lacks of emotional depth. But for…

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