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  • TRON: Legacy

    TRON: Legacy


    The Daft Punk soundtrack is classic, a lot of the visuals are cool, and there are some pretty interesting Milton-esue philosophical ideas, but ultimately I didn’t care too much for this. It’s so hard for me to get emotionally invested in a CGI heavy sci-fi world—at no point did I forget I was watching a movie and care about what was going on. Not disappointed though, since I didn’t particularly care for the first Tron film anyway. Despite it’s revolutionary…

  • Labyrinth of Dreams

    Labyrinth of Dreams


    A slow paced art house horror-noir love story (Nadja is a good example of this genre), filmed in the forests and empty roads of the Japanese countryside. Features these long, meditative black and white shots of beautiful young Japanese actors staring deeply into the distance. It’s full of that gloomy, dreamy mid-90s Gothic vibe. Gentle, naturalistic photography is paired with an ambient experimental soundtrack. It has an almost grungy, nihilistic Hot Topic sad girl vibe to it. It’s like Ingmar…

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  • Harakiri



    Every bit as flawless and awe-inspiring on a rewatch as it is on the first viewing. I still get a deep shiver in the back of my skull when, at the end, the hero of the film states his thesis with full clarity and determination.

  • Columbus



    Some of the most beautiful and precise photography I’ve seen in a modern day film. Like looking at an Edward Hopper painting in motion. An ode to innovative, breathtaking architecture.

    John Cho is very calm and cool in this movie. It is a film of controlled, meditative performances. It’s all truly elegant filmmaking.