Bridget Jones's Diary ★★★

There’s a surprisingly fun and exciting fight sequence in the third act of this movie, which you don’t really expect from a Hollywood rom com (at least not one that isn’t starring Adam Sandler). It’s a well-written romcom in the sense that I was captivated and charmed from finish to end. You see these two handsome British heartthrobs, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, fighting over Zellwegger’s unlikely but very likeable Bridget and you immediately know from the get-go who’s gonna end up with her, but you’re left absolutely curious as to how it’s gonna end up that way. The ride to that romantic finale is filled with some fairly amusing gags and some ever witty Frasier meets Nora Ephron style banter. Charismatically acted and engagingly written. Those are its two top qualities.