Labyrinth of Dreams ★★★

A slow paced art house horror-noir love story (Nadja is a good example of this genre), filmed in the forests and empty roads of the Japanese countryside. Features these long, meditative black and white shots of beautiful young Japanese actors staring deeply into the distance. It’s full of that gloomy, dreamy mid-90s Gothic vibe. Gentle, naturalistic photography is paired with an ambient experimental soundtrack. It has an almost grungy, nihilistic Hot Topic sad girl vibe to it. It’s like Ingmar Bergman meets Twilight.

If that sounds like your kind of aesthetic, you’ll probably enjoy this stylish little thriller. Me though, I can’t be entertained by a film purely on aesthetics, and unfortunately I didn’t feel this film had anything deeper (story, character, or idea wise) to truly make an impression on me. I don’t feel like I gained any meaningful insight into what goes on in the mind of a woman who falls in love with a misogynistic murderer. That’s definitely something I feel the film could’ve explored in a really interesting way. Still though, I can’t give it anything less than 3 stars because the aesthetic was pretty tight.