pablocatepetl has written 5 reviews for films during 2017.

  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    Isabelle Hupert is a phenomenal, frightening, elusive force in this film. Her fearlessness as a performer pairs perfectly with Haneke’s precise, restrained, unfiltered artistry.

  • Serial Mom

    Serial Mom

    A well balanced black comedy. Very often this genre can suffer from tonal dissonance, but John Waters is really in control of the style and mood of the film.

    The entire cast of actors, led by the very funny and charming Kathleen Turner, bounce wonderfully after one another to execute this middle American satire. The court room scenes at the end do not match the rest of the film in their madness and wit. Surprisingly, those scenes are even more…

  • The Public Enemy

    The Public Enemy

    James Cagney is always great to watch! Even though the movie is pretty short, it does drag a bit at times, but it’s absolutely worth it for all the fun parts. So many iconic scenes in this film: the grapefruit, the horse, the piano, the mummy. Loved it!

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water

    All the positive adjectives that have been used to describe this film are true! A timely reminder that there is still an abundance of magic and wonder to be mined from Hollywood cinema.

  • Bright


    Flawed and sometimes dull, but not at all as bad as many are making it out to be. On the contrary, I had a lot of fun with the movie, which is what it is, just a movie! This isn't high art, it's a fun way to spend 2 hours. You don't have to check your brain at the door either, just sit back and let the movie transport you with its worldbuilding.

    The two lead actors had good chemistry.…