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  • Father Frost

    Father Frost

    Watching some old MST3k episodes. What a stupid, silly movie. Garish colors, dull characters and settings, and an unfocused, meandering plot. Although this particular episode is quite funny. Some very good Soviet riffs in this one.

  • The Phantom Creeps

    The Phantom Creeps

    People who have not seen this film might look at its title and wonder what it means. Does it refer to a group of phantoms who are creeps, or just one singular phantom who is doing all the creeping about? The real question is: who actually cares? The Phantom Creeps is a schlocky black and white b-movie starring the iconic Bela Lugosi in another stock mad scientist role. If you were interested in watching this film to see that cool…

  • Rich Man in Rolls Royce Isn't Happy Until This Stranger Changes His Life

    Rich Man in Rolls Royce Isn't Happy Until This Stranger Changes His Life

    Dhar Mann is the Frank Capra of our times. A great American short with an uplifting message; a positive, and truly soul-gratifying fable. Bong Joon Ho wishes he could make a class conscious film as subtle and thought-provoking as this. As great as this film is, I personally believe Mann’s magnum opus is TikTok Famous Teen Kicked Out Of Designer Store, Owner Lives In Regret

  • Rollergator


    A truly dreadful family-comedy, an early predecessor to other classics in the genre such as A Talking Cat?! Featuring stunning 90s era camcorder cinematography, a foam-rubber alligator puppet brought to life by a puppeteer that can’t be bothered to sync his hand movements with the words he’s saying, and a memorable supporting role from On Cinema regular, Joe Estevez.

    This film looks like it cost fifteen dollars to make. And yet, there’s something about it I love. I feel like I’m watching…

  • The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy

    The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy

    Standard schlocky b-movie fare. Dull, slow, cheesy, and very formulaic. There’s some decent atmosphere and creeps going on when we first meet the mummy, and the robot is fairly entertaining to watch once it finally comes alive in all its clumsy, clunky glory.

    This film was produced by the same man who brought us all those iconic Santo and Blue Demon films, so there’s a certain level of pro wrestling pageantry and intrigue that seems promised with the whole robot…