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  • The Sadness


  • Candyman


  • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives


  • The Nightshifter


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  • The Night House

    The Night House


    One of the best jump scares I’ve seen since The Haunting of Hill House.  There’s some heavy topics dealt with very well.  I thought I knew where this was going early on, and to an extent I did, but it had a nice little trick up it’s sleeve at the end.

  • Master



    Creepy white people and one pulling a Rachel Dolezal. There’s also a dude with a sweet Shining pattern ascot.

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  • Sator



    Really impressive considering the budget and handful of folks who worked on this. Consistent creepy folk horror atmosphere throughout, and the final act absolutely delivers.

  • Anything for Jackson

    Anything for Jackson


    Some of the nicest satanists I’ve seen. This lady will bake you cookies while preparing to offer your unborn child to Satan. Excellent flick though. Vibes of A Dark Song and House of the Devil.