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  • Promare



    Beautifully stylized and wild action. Pushes what Imaishi and Trigger have accomplished with their past works even further. I loved the next evolution of the Kill la Kill block letters effects. In fact there was a lot of cool 80’s graphics aesthetics strewn about. Very very fun!

  • Great Jailbreak

    Great Jailbreak


    After breaking out from death row, Ken Takakura and Bunta Sugawara team up to get away and (eventually) get revenge on the people who put Takakura behind bars. Some mixed feelings on this one, I definitely loved the first half with its focus on paranoia & survival more than the second half when Takakura goes into revenge-mode. It’s jarring to see him play a less chivalrous character, and there’s definitely some violence towards women that’s a little more lovingly shot than…

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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    Absolute joy of a movie. At first I was somewhere between finding it charmingly scrappy and having complaints about some confusing decisions being made, but by the end all those complaints went away. Ended up being more about filmmaking than zombies, and I like films more than zombies.

  • The Magic Serpent

    The Magic Serpent


    Ninja action capped off with a big kaiju battle at the end! A classic ninja revenge story with that extra tokusatsu flare makes this really fun. Hiroki Matsukata is good as a dashing hero, unlike his later slimy yakuza roles I’m more familiar with. Likewise this has an unusual performance from Nobuo Kaneko who I’m used to seeing as a villainous boss, this time as our hero’s mentor with a big white beard.