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  • Billy Elliot

    Billy Elliot


    dont hold, just let it rain. what a emotional performance. enjoyed so much the soundtracks.

  • Sixteen Candles

    Sixteen Candles

    just nice. good soundtrack. simple humour. just not reach to level Ferris Bueller and Say Anything. the daughter-father talk scene got me. just recognize John Cusak. i wonder how brave was i, if i watch this movie at teen.😏

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  • Ritual



    1st act: 😴 2nd act : why their kids dont call their dad? ( i know the answer) 3rd act : 🤯

  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    slow pace story line. little action in the last 15 minutes of the movie. good acting from christie and nominate for oscar. the last smoking weed scene with mrs miller is just brilliant. 7/10