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  • After Yang
  • Saw III
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  • Men

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  • The Celluloid Closet

    The Celluloid Closet

    "Well, I think all minority audiences go into a movie with hope. They hope they'll see what they want to see. That's why nobody really sees the same movie" β€” Arthur Laurents

  • Martyrs



    This has been one of those films that I have been afraid of since I was 14. It's one of those *extreme* horror films I heard about before I was really into horror and my brain kind of made this into one of the most gruesome possible films. I'm kind of surprised to say it, but this was kind of just a fun confined thriller that I found actively... relaxing?

    For context, I went into this right off the back…

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  • Men


    Ran into the same problem I have with most of Alex Gartland's films, where the direction the film is headed intellectually is dissident with how it landed for me emotionally.

    I was surprised by how simple this movie is compared to Devs, AnnihilationΒ &, Ex Machina movies that throw in so much philosophy and metaphor and theme on top of the narrative. While this movie is mostly just about grief with some fairly standard critiques of masculinity. More than anything this…

  • Say Anything...

    Say Anything...


    Didn't love it but holy shit is Richard Marks a good editor

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  • Pig



    I pray this is the omen for what independent film of the 2020's will be; taking the iconography of Hollywood and exposing its hollowness.Β 

    I respect the hell out of this and I am so glad I took the whim and saw it.

  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    The commentary they have on the Criterion Channel with Peter Cowie is the most masterbatory thing I have ever heard.
    There's some interesting information in it but philosophizing about the symbolic nature of bright sunlight because Bergman "could not abide bright sunlight" is just TOO much.
    The commentary transforms this into an outright comedy. I burst out in full on laughter at least a dozen times.
    Life would be so much more bearable if it were being unscrupulously narrated by a smarmy Englishman.