Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Wow, well this movie is not what I thought it might be but that is a good thing. I thought it might feature lots of mindless partying, drinking, drugs, nudity, sex you know, spring break and well it did lol but it had a lot more. So much more however that bounds of believably get pushed pretty far. But first I will talk about the tone which was very cool, it was edited and shot in a very cool style with some laid over narrating and repeated dialogue that is a bit hard to describe but I liked it a lot. It has a central theme of young girls trying to experience life way more than what they get from their boring college and they do. The four of them push themselves to do much more than they normally would and for the most part it works out until they get arrested. This is when James Franco's character enters the film and the film takes an odd turn. I like how it goes because it is so different than what 99% of real spring breakers experience but that is also why it starts getting hard to believe. It is hard but not impossible to believe it all could happen but then, at the climax of the movie reality goes out the window and it is what it is. It is a cool ending but the main characters do something I just don't think could or would happen the way it did in the film. Overall, I enjoyed the film quite a bit but I had a little trouble with the climax which on spring break you never want to have ;)