Lady Bird ★★★★

watching this movie dug up some feelings that i’ve been suppressing over the past few months and i’m ashamed to admit that it made me tear up several times. i, like lady bird, am considering the possibility of leaving my parents and my brother to move (half-way) across the country for a more-expensive-than-in-state-tuition school and my mother and i have had multiple fights about it. she’d rather i stay close to home but i am ready to spread my wings like a (lady) bird and fly. this movie was 100% relatable in every single way, from the mother-daughter fights, awkward relationships, youthful internalized homophobia, the insecurity, to ditching your used-to-be-boyfriend before prom to go hang out with your best friend. everything. as silly as it sounds, lady bird has made me realize i should ignore everything my mom has been feeding me for the past year about my choice of college, and listen to myself for once. it doesn’t mean i don’t love her and won’t miss her, it just means i love myself.

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