dubbed by my film professor as "queen of the lonely people"

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  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas

    idea is definitely there but suffered in execution and its unfortunate PG-13 rating 

    satisfying to see abusers get shit on, though

  • Emma.



    can’t remember the last time I felt this fulfilled with costuming

    also the scene of Johnny undressing and lying on the floor in pining frustration.... chef’s kiss

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  • Columbus



    I love quiet, subdued films. I love films that consider the spaces they take as characters all their own, each location working, not just in conjunction, but in harmony with the characters occupying their space. and that’s exactly what Kogonada did— let the city’s architecture take a defining role. every shot is meticulous and gratifying.... so emotive, and handled with such care. everything works in such a delicate balance to carry each character through a meditative, emotional progression. to me,…

  • Burning



    More men I do not care about 

    Why couldn’t this have been about the female character