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  • A Blonde's Dream

    A Blonde's Dream


    Gossamer musical comedy with Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch and Willi Forst in a low-stakes love triangle, sharing a ménage-à-trois of sorts in three train carriages parked in a meadow just outside Berlin. It’s a delicate, charming thing but well worth watching for two standout moments alone: Harvey’s ‘audition’ scene and a dream sequence that is like THE LIFE AND DEATH OF 9413, A HOLLYWOOD EXTRA crossed with the video Michel Gondry made for Björk’s Bachelorette. Otherwise it’s like Menscham am Sonntag with songs (and Billy Wilder was one of the scriptwriters).

  • The Student of Prague

    The Student of Prague


    Slow, admittedly, but when it strikes it draws blood. The shadow work (hat-tip Günther Krampf), the bizarre hunt-orchestration scene featuring Krauss and that phenomenal death scene all stand out. But this is Veidt’s film and by far the best performance that I have seen from him. When he is haunting himself it’s like he has stepped back into Caligari to reckon with his own persona.

  • La Belle marinière

    La Belle marinière


    Absolutely adored this poetic realist gem. Holding back a star because I saw it without English subs. Gorgeous Rudolph Maté photography and a soul-stirring love triangle between Jean Gabin (in a very early role), Madeleine Renaud and Pierre Blanchar on a canal barge. If you like L’Atalante you should really try to see this.

  • Dark Blood

    Dark Blood


    This is a quite silly film. Sadly, River Phoenix is not great in it. Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis are, though.

  • Black Seed

    Black Seed


    Unremitting brutality in relentless heat. This prison-camp must contain every kind of ‘water torture’ known to man. Arguably the freeze-frames release rather than ramp up the tension.

  • The Fifth Cord

    The Fifth Cord


    Consistently agog at the cool beauty of this. But not much else. Fur coat no knickers.

  • I Love My Mum

    I Love My Mum


    Inept and imbecilic.

  • Opium



    What were they on? Reinert directs his camera but not his actors in this exuberant, overwrought and oddly likeable but ultimately messy drug drama.

  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace


    I felt like Mick and Charlie wriggling on the back row, unbelievably lucky just to be here.

  • Amorosa



    Wild, wonderful. Ekbland is incredible; her smile is a miracle.

  • Loving Couples

    Loving Couples


    Masterful telling of three women’s lives: love, hate, sex, politics, family, all the good stuff. And performances that hold you in their grip for the duration.

  • Strange Victory

    Strange Victory


    The horror just deepens and deepens and then it ends and you realise it’s 2019 and not enough has changed.