Lamb ★★★

Uhh…so that was a film, I watched. Look I love a good slow burn, and experimental art films can be amazing, but sometimes a film really thinks of itself a bit too highly. I like beautiful landscape images, and long dolly shots, with minimal dialogue, but not when half your film is that, it just starts to feel like padding. Yea this film is obtuse, and it’s take on grief is long, painful, and rather vague at times. Than again I will watch Noomi Rapace watch paint dry, so I can’t help but have enjoyed this, even with the missteps, and overlong pretentiousness of the experience. It’s beautiful looking undoubtedly, the acting is great with Rapace carrying this all the way to the end and than some. Seriously she is brilliant, but than again when is she not. Cinematography was good, definitely trying really hard and showing off a lot, I also enjoyed the imagery and atmosphere of the film overall. If you’re patient enough the film has its moments of brilliance, scenes that are great, at times a good sense of dread. I can’t say this is a good film, but I respect it for trying something different and taking chances even if many of them don’t work. Overall it’s a film worth seeing if you have extreme patience, love Noomi Rapace, and don’t mind lots of still imagery. I don’t recommend it too many though, and I definitely can’t see myself watching this again, worth a watch though if you are in the mood for something different and very slow. The ending is both haunting and hilarious, confused and just ridiculous in general, I have to admit I was laughing when the credits rolled.

PS images of dead animals are shown, the dog especially felt needless as you already knew what happened, fair warning it may upset some.

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