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  • 1BR


    I've been staring at this film's poster for a year thinking the actress in it was Sarah Bolger. Thankfully, Nicole Brydon Bloom is also a great actress and she delivers an outstanding performance in here.

    1BR biggest achievement is the unpredictability of events that make for a thrilling watch. Not only it is unpredictable, but it is also intriguing and each step it takes further into the craziness going on in that apartment complex is quite satisfying. It's not often…

  • Anything for Jackson

    Anything for Jackson

    You know how in demon possession/occultism/satanistic horror films people always find themselves entangled into someone else's attempts of meddling with the devil? It's either a neighbor, a friend or someone from the family. Perhaps is just an accident or a mishap. Well Anything for Jackson shifts perspectives entirely and brings forth the Satanists themselves as the protagonists. What a fresh and hugely entertaining concept. It's like watching Rosemary's Baby from the Castevet's perspective! It works absolutely well and it feels…

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  • #Alive



    One of the most notable accomplishments of South Korean cinema is the writing of characters and the potent performances that give life to them. You'll hardly watch a film from that country without investing and rooting for the protagonists. #Alive is a film that relies heavily on the leading roles and gladly Shin-Hye Park and Ah-In Yoo were completely up to this task.

    The setting of this film is quite similar to French chiller The Night Eats the World, but…

  • Books of Blood

    Books of Blood

    A few years ago someone came up with that idea of post-horror, a label that thankfully didn't stick. Although I still disagree with that concept, I can't help but to notice some trends in English spoken horror that fit that idea. I won't say it's a new genre, instead I believe it's a way of making horror that seems predominant, mostly for marketing/production reasons.

    I'm referring to contrived, minimalistic, low budget and small-scaled horror films centered on character drama and…