3 Godfathers ★★★

After a successful robbery, three outlaws run to the desert in order to evade the law enforcement agents who are hot on their heels. There they stumble upon a dying woman and her newborn baby, which they decide to take with them to the nearest town.

For some reason John Ford thought that remaking this story for the third time was a good idea. The end result doesn't vindicate him. The movie is nice to look at but offers little else in the way of entertainment, "3 Godfathers" is a lesser effort for both Ford and his star, John Wayne. The story that there is can barely sustain the 106m run-time (the previous iterations barely broke an hour) and the religious symbolism is laid a bit too thick for what is essentially a potboiler. There is good stuff at the beginning (the robbery and the chase that follows) and the ending of the film, but the middle section feels like padding.
At least we can once again marvel at the majestic western landscapes which are filmed gorgeously in vivid Technicolor.

John Wayne puts his easygoing charisma in good use one more time. You can't not root for him despite the fact that he is a criminal. Ward Bond as the local sheriff, who is after Duke and his gang, is the perfect foil. Harry Carey Jr. and Pedro Amendariz have the only other significant parts and are serviceable, even though they can't compete with their veteran co-stars.

There are plenty of better movies in both Ford and Wayne's long filmographies if you really want to comb through them. This adequate oater is recommended only to genre fanatics and completists.