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  • The Social Network

    The Social Network

    THE SOCIAL NETWORK is a unique and very well crafted feature from noted filmmaker David Fincher. With strong acting from Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield THE SOCIAL NETWORK is propelled into greatness. Not to mention the stylized, dark and minimalistic aesthetic always present in a Fincher piece. However, the films ending is weak as Zuckerberg and Facebook is very much still a relevant thing and unfortunately this makes the film feel incomplete.

    THE SOCIAL NETWORK is one of…

  • Tomorrowland


    TOMORROWLAND is the latest effort from multi-talented director Brad Bird. In his previous features Bird has been able to provide some of the best stories and visual films in recent decades. TOMORROWLAND fails to put the pieces together. While the acting is great and the visual style is pleasing the story and weak villain crumble the foundation of the film.The infamous Lindelof (co-writer) probably should have just left the script to Bird.

    Ugh -- TOMORROWLAND... What had the…