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  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    I remember the first time I saw this film, the first line Ryan Gosling says is "Pai" which mean go in Thai. And I freaked out because I was like oh my god Ryan Gosling is gonna be speaking my native in this film. Little did I know Ryan Gosling would go on to say about three words. Still love it though.

  • Shame



    Without question the best film about sex where they focus on the guy ever made. If Steve McQueen and cinematographer Sean Bobbit ever get bored of Hollywood these two could quite easily revolutionize the porn industry with their filmmaking.

  • Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

    Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong


    This film seemingly tries to be the modern Before Sunrise meets In the Mood for Love. It isn't, ends rather well though.

  • Live by Night

    Live by Night


    So much potential, so much. I'm willing to bet the original cut was way longer and I'd be totally up for seeing that.

  • One Direction: This Is Us

    One Direction: This Is Us


    Martin Scorsese rocks up for about 10 seconds though.

  • Notorious



    Ingrid Bergman says to Cary Grant in this film "come on you can hold my hand I won't blackmail you for it later". Not pointing any fingers but some people should be taking extensive notes from Bergman.

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    When we talk about this film no one ever really talks about Domhnall Gleeson but my god does that guy have range.

  • Independence Day: Resurgence

    Independence Day: Resurgence


    Massive hot take but I kind of enjoyed this. There is way too much exposition and random story lines that come out of nowhere and go no one but despite all that and a massive lack of real characterization or completion of arcs for any of the many protagonists, I did have fun, it felt like I was watching a big budget tower defense game.

  • The Martian

    The Martian


    Biggest missed opportunity in this brilliant film was when they were talking about project Elrond and Sean Bean is literally sat in the room, he should have said something along the lines of "one does not simply get a man off Mars". They also have Sebastian Stan laughing at Iron Man jokes, you wanna tear off Mat Damon's chest piece as well?

  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift


    Be honest to yourself, the moment where Han drifts doughnuts around those two girls and gets their number on his way out is just peak cinema.

  • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

    Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole


    Fair enough Zack Snyder, you got Owl City to do a song for a movie about Owls.

  • Joker



    Watching this in today's context I realized that the big difference between Arthur Fleck and his Joker rioters with the majority of the real world rioters is that only one of them has the balls to admit that they're a clown who doesn't really know what they're doing.