Dolemite Is My Name ★★★½

Fun and warm fluffpiece about Rudy Ray Moore, it's pure hero whorship, portraiting the man behind "Dolemite" as a saint, with no real human flaws. While that's probably not true to reality, it makes for a breezy and pleasant watch. It's a classic Hollywood underdog story with a classic plot and structure as such. But it's genuinly funny (not a given for a modern Murphy movie, I might add) and it tucks at your heartstrings without getting sappy.

The cast is terrific, especially Wesley Snipes in a manic over the top performance akin to something you'd expect from Nicolas Cage. But the real star is, of course, Eddie Murphy himself. You can tell this is a project very near and dear to him. He's not been this funny, charming and good in years. If this movie spells a comeback for him, that wouldn't be unfair.

The script feels a little on the nose with lots of exposition dialogue and people talking into mirrors and at old photos to drive home the point. But if you accept this as mostly feelgood fiction and not an actual biopic, you're likely to have fun with it. I did. But watch "Dolemite" before this, to get the most out of it.