Citizen Kane ★★★★½

I feel everyone but me had watched it already, but I finally joined the club!

I wanted to watch it close enough to the release of Mank so that I’d remember the details, but not too close that I wouldn’t have time to absorb the film in between.

And absorb I need to. I feel this movie packed a lot in two hours, and every scene has layer upon layer to dissect.

I haven’t really watched movies from it’s time, so I don’t know how it compares to them. But I always had this idea in my head that while the technicals could be impressive in the 30s/40s, the melodramatic acting and cheesy dialogue would immediately pull me out. Well, this had none of that!

I don’t know about “best of all time”, but I can definitely see it being “best of its time”. A really impressive character study.