In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★½

Am I crazy for not seeing what everyone else is seeing in this? I was even considering giving it a 3 star rating, but the choreography was so good that I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

Theaters are still closed where I am, so I had to watch it at home. I know that influences the experience (even if I’m one to always close all the curtains, turn the volume to the max, and turn off my phone). I’m not willing to give it a pass for that though, movies should be able to stand on their own in whatever format they are available. I never got to experience Interstellar in theaters for example, I watched it at home as well, and yet I felt a lot more immersed than I did with In the heights.

An hour in and I was still waiting for the plot to start. As a huge fan of Hamilton I was surprised at how much I wasn’t into the songs. They were all good, but I didn’t feel the urge to look up any tune after the movie was over...I’ll give them some time in my head though, let them grow.

As I said, the choreography was the MVP for me, a couple of dance numbers just took my breath away. And the performances were all good too.

Although Mexican, I can’t claim that my ethnicity has played a huge role in forming my identity. But even without that, the themes of belonging are universal, which is why I assumed I would connect to the movie. I ultimately couldn’t get there (and the parallels to my life were there!).