The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War ★★★½

If someone where to ask me what is my kind of movie, the concept of this film is my type of movie. From the moment I read the synopsis I was excited, and the trailer looked cool. Then the reviews came out, and the movie was summed up as “having cool creature designs, but a bad script”. So when I started to watch it, I had already readied myself to have my opinion be “interesting plot, lazily written, thin to non existent character development”.

I’m glad to report the movie exceeded those expectations. I had a genuine good time, but not just that, I personally didn’t have any issues with the pacing and the length (ok, maybe 10 minutes less would have been better). While the action was great and the creature designs were indeed really good, I was also completely immersed in the story. There was some cheesy dialogue yes, but they managed to make the comedic relief character not annoying and put some weight in the emotional scenes.

I also think Chris Pratt did a good job. He could have very easily been over the top, but he kept his character grounded. Yvonne Strahovski was the MVP in my opinion, she sold me on all of her scenes.

I think general audiences will love this movie. And I will be actively recommending it to people.