PaoAndrade has written 15 reviews for films rated ★★½ .

  • Wish Dragon

    Wish Dragon


    The trailer for this was very charming, and even though on the surface it looked like Aladdin, I didn’t mind the plot parallels as long as it offered something fresh. Unfortunately it didn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before (in a better way).

    It’s a nice story and the characters are likeable, but it is very very predictable. The villains are uninteresting and the humor isn’t particularly funny.

    Still, I didn’t dislike it and there’s an audience for it.

  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy


    I finally saw this! There were times I thought I would never watch it cause...well, I didn’t really want to.

    It’s better than what I had built up on my mind, not by much, but by no means is it a disaster.

    The dialogue can be cringey at times, the direction doesn’t do anything to improve the movie. But the score is great and Close and Adams have some good moments.

    I won’t ever rewatch this I bet, but I also didn’t want to poke my eyes out. So it sits right in the middle.

  • Tom & Jerry

    Tom & Jerry


    I had been looking forward to this film cause I have great nostalgia for the cartoon. Then it was bashed to such a degree that I almost didn’t watch it, but at the end I said “screw it”, and I’m glad I did, cause I actually enjoyed it.

    That doesn’t mean I think it’s a good movie, but it brought me back to a time when I would watch movies of questionable quality and still love them. I’m nowhere near loving this, but it was sweet enough and fun enough that it wasn’t a waste of time!

  • The New Mutants

    The New Mutants


    Going through my backlog of 2020 movies before the end of the year... it was now or never.

    I don’t hate the film, but there is not a single thing in it that I find remarkable. Being predictable is not always a terrible thing, but going through the motions in the slowest way possible makes for a very boring movie.

    The dialogue didn’t help matters. It went from meh to hilariously bad.

    There are worse films out there, but chances are I never watch this again.

  • The Prom

    The Prom


    I wanted to like this. I don’t hate it or anything, but it was pretty underwhelming. 

    This is actually the first Ryan Murphy project that I’ve watched. I’m going to keep an open mind when sampling his other stuff, but if they feel the way this felt, I’m afraid I’m going to walk out disappointed.

    The trailer looked like fun, but the movie never made me laugh, cry or be mad. I got no emotion from it. The songs were…

  • Lady and the Tramp

    Lady and the Tramp


    I feel I’ve always been more forgiving of life action Disney remakes than most, but that’s because I feel having actors instead of animation can make me connect with the story in new ways (at least with some of them). What I’m finding out with a movie likes this, or say the lion king, is that it being live action, makes it feel less “real”. Real life looking animal talking takes me out of the story.

    The other major problem…

  • Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

    Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)


    What is wrong with me? Everyone seems to be in love with this movie...

    I was never really excited, for the same reason I’m guessing it did poor at the box office, or at least, what I feel is the obvious reason: it “looks” like a suicide squad sequel, and that movie sucked. The trailers gave me the vibe it would be colorful, have a great soundtrack and end up with an uninterested plot. The early reviews gave me hope,…

  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels


    A lot better than the initial trailer led me to believe this was going to be.

    The two early 2000s movies were two of my favorite movies (I was young!), but I rewatched the first one in an attempt to enjoy myself for a couple of hours, and it came crashing down for me. I had to pause it and give me 5 minute breaks in order to sleep, so that I wouldn’t doze off while watching. Suffice it to…

  • Spies in Disguise

    Spies in Disguise


    I had to see it dubbed because I went to see it with a nephew, so I’m pretty bummed that I missed the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland.

    Having said that, this was a nice movie. I liked the story and the way it progressed. It was fairly by the numbers, nothing unexpected, but fun enough.

    Not all the humor landed with me, some of the gags were quite disgusting, but as a whole it was entertaining, and a couple of line deliveries did make me laugh.

  • The Good Liar

    The Good Liar


    Not much to say about this one. The trailers intrigued me, then the first reactions came in and my expectations lowered. And it was still a bit disappointing.

    The premise wasn’t revolutionary, but it still lended itself to an entertaining film. I just didn’t love where they took it.

    It felt the creators thought they were being so smart, when truly anyone that watches film knew the “twist” coming since before the movie started. I wouldn’t have minded if it…

  • Frozen II

    Frozen II


    I feel like I am being to harsh on this film, but I gave the first one 3 stars, and this isn’t as good as the first one.

    Once more, the characters are the best part of the movie. I enjoyed everyone’s arc. But my problem was the plot, I just didn’t feel this warranted a whole movie..a 30 minute short perhaps, so half the movie in I was quite over it. The length caused for there to be to…

  • Terminator Salvation

    Terminator Salvation


    I thought I liked this more than I actually do, turns out, I didn’t remember the plot of the movie at all, I kept waiting for a twist that after the film ended, I realized was part of the next film in the franchise!

    It’s not all bad, it has some good action scenes (they are better than the ones in the previous installment), Christian Bale also signified a welcomed improvement to John Connor... I just wish he had been…